The Best Places to Put Gun Safes

gunDespite being considered strong and near-impenetrable metal containers, gun safes can also be an open invitation for would-be thieves to break in and pry the safe open. This means that putting them in the right location can spell the difference between a reliable barrier and an easy target for thieves. Where exactly is the right place to store a gun safe? This could be determined by what you are protecting the guns against.


The humidity levels of a room can have a severe effect on firearms.Fluctuations in moisture tend to do severe damage to the parts of the gun the longer they sit in certain areas of the home.With that in mind, places like the garage and basement might not be the best places to store gun safes due to their uncontrollable humidity and temperature levels.
Basements, for instance, have tremendous humidity fluctuations which can ruin the guns within a short amount of time.A bedroom, on the other hand, has a more controllable humidity and temperature which make them ideal places to install a safe.


A thief often targets the places where gun safes are usually stored. This means that the master bedroom or the closet is their primary target, followed by garages, offices, and even refrigerators. The best way to make a gun safe thief-proof is to make it invisible.If there are only a few people that know about the location and existence of a safe, the chances of a break-in are little to none.

A location that makes a safe visible through the windows increases a chance of theft. This means placing the safe in an outside wall in between windows and on a higher floor will be a good idea. Thieves also tend to disregard basements due to poor lighting and the fact that they might have to lug the safe through a flight of stairs just to get their prize.Provided that there are no tools in the area for a thief to use, the basement is a good place to protect the safe from intruders.


In the case of protection against floods, the solution is quite simple: the higher, the better. Depending on your proximity to a body of water, the safe should be placed in a position that flood waters normally could not reach.Even if flood waters do not usually reach your place, it is still a good idea to guard your safe from other water problems like basement floods due to busted pipes.Keep in mind that a weapon soaked in water tends to jam frequently. The right elevation can prevent your weapons from getting waterlogged.


Essentially, gun safes are the safest from fire damage the farther they are from heat sources. Places with massive sources of heat like a boiler room or kitchen are not ideal as the heat could set the gun off. Also, any area above the aforementioned places is not the best place to store a safe as these places are the first to collapse in the event of a fire. In addition, places where people smoke, burn candles, or have fireplaces are not ideal in keeping the safe fireproof.

The best fireproof places to install gun safes are either in the garage or the basement provided that there is considerable space between them and combustible objects. This prevents the flames from getting considerably close to the contents in the event of a fire. Also, the safe should be placed in a place where it will be protected from debris should the entire structure collapse. This will make the retrieval of the safe’s contents easier once the flames have been put off.